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From our Holy Koran Circle 7, Chapter 2.

Education of Mary and Elizabeth in Zoan Egypt

1. The son of Herod, Archelaus, reigned in Jerusalem. He was a selfish, cruel king; he put to death all of those who did not honor him.

2. He called in council all the wisest men and asked the infant claimant of his throne.

3. The council said that John and Jesus both were dead; then he was satisfied.

4. Now Joseph, Mary and their son were in Egypt in Zoan, and John was with his mother in the Judean hills.

5. Elihu and Salome sent messengers in haste to find Elizabeth and John. They found them, they brought them to Zoan.

6. Now Mary and Elizabeth were marveling much because of their deliverance.

7. Elihu said, “It is not strange; there are no happenings; law governs all events.

8. From olden times it was ordained that you should be with us and in this sacred school be taught.

9. Elihu and Salome took Mary and Elizabeth out to the sacred grove nearby where they were wont to teach.

10. Elihu said to Mary and Elizabeth: You may esteem yourselves thrice blessed, for you are chosen mothers of long promised sons.

11. Who are ordained to lay a solid rock a sure foundation stone on which the temple of the perfect man shall rest – a temple that shall never be destroyed.

12. We measure time by cycle ages, and the gate to every age we deem a mile stone in the journey of the race.

13. An age had passed: the gate unto another age flies open at the age touch of time. This is the preparation age of soul, the kingdom of Immanuel, of Allah in man.

14. And, these, your sons, will be the first to tell the news, and teach the gospel of good will to men, and peace on earth.

15. A mighty work is theirs, for carnal men want not the light; they love the dark, and when the light shines in the dark they comprehend it not.

16. We call these sons Revealers of the light, but they must have the light before they can reveal the light.

17. And you must teach your sons, and set their souls on fire with love and holy zeal, and make them conscious of their missions to the sons of men.

18. Teach them that Allah and man are one, but that through carnal thoughts and words and deeds, man tore himself away from Allah, debased himself

19. Teach that the Holy Breath would make them one again, restoring harmony and peace.

20. That naught can make them one but love; that Allah so loved the world that He has clothed His son in flesh that man can comprehend.

21. The only savior of the world is love; and Jesus, son of Mary, comes to manifest that love to men.

22. Now love cannot be manifest until its way has been prepared, and naught can rend the rock and bring down lofty hill and fill the valleys up, and thus prepare the way, but purity.

23. But purity in life men not comprehend; and so, it, too, must come in flesh.

24. And you, Elizabeth, are blessed because yours is purity made flesh, and he shall pave the way for love.

25. This age will comprehend but little of the works of purity and love; but not a word is lost, for in the book of Allah’s remembrance a registry is made of every thought and word and deed.

26. And when the world is ready to receive, lo, Allah will send a messenger to open the book and copy from its sacred pages all the messages of purity and love.

27. Then every man of earth will read the words of life in language of his native land, and men will see the light, and walk in the light and be the light.

28. And man again will be at one with Allah.

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