Federation : MSTA

Timothy Dingle-El and the Moorish Movement

Timothy Dingle-El

The Noble Drew Ali was the first to bring the Islamic Creed from the East to the Asiatics of America and offered to those who were sick at heart for many years. Yet they are blind and cannot see the light. Nor was the Prophet trying to put new wine in old skins, for he knew that it would burst them. Still he had the only remedy for the nation. The remedy brought by Jesus, Mohammed, Confucius and all of the Prophets, which remedy is Truth. For it is written that “ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.” For his legal proof for his declaration, study his Authority Form 1099; you will notice that the Great Koran of Mohammed is involved. Study the United States Supreme Court decision in the case Watson vs. Jones, 1872. Also, the authority his organization was organized under, which is an Act concerning corporation approval, April 18, 1872.

Timothy Dingle-El united in the Moorish Movement founded by Noble Drew Ali in October 9, 1940. He studied under the Reincarnated Prophet, Sheik John Givens-El. Bro. Dingle-El was ordained in 1953 to bring peace out of confusion. The state and federal officials, citizens, and members were obtaining a misunderstanding, concerning the teachings of the Moorish Movement. The nature of our teachings is to teach those things necessary to individuals, so they can become good American citizens and to elevate individuals’ minds from a lower stage to a higher stage in life.

Timothy Dingle-El mastered all the degrees (lessons) in the Moorish Movement. Some of them were Supreme Grand National Business Manager, Supreme National and Divine Minister, Supreme Grand Moorish Adept Master (Holy Koran, 29th Chapter), Supreme Grand Moorish Counselor, Supreme Grand Sheik, and Supreme Grand Resurrection. Otherwise, he was an Angel from the East, who had the seal of the living God, in these modern times (Revelation, 7th chapter). It was his effort to demonstrate these degrees involved for the people.

Grand Sheik Timothy Dingle-El looked upon Noble Drew Ali as Judah, Shiloh and Chief because he is a mental warrior. Bro. Dingle-El was also classed as a mental warrior. He was the type of Moor that welcomed debate and asked that if there was any mental warrior wiser than he, then it was their right to meet him in mental debate on all of the lessons of the true and divine Prophet of Allah. Someone or group may wonder what Bro. Dingle-El meant when he said mental warrior, never hearing of such. The hangout for mental warriors is in the courtrooms. He named some: Judges, Lawyers, Jurors, Counselors, Missionaries, Ministers, etc. Some are in the Moorish Movement of Noble Drew Ali. Another name for mental warrior is Brain Shooter.

With regards to the Founder, Prophet Noble Drew Ali, Bro. Dingle-El taught that we do not believe that any Asiatic, we are talking about the people who was bought and caught in Africa, can produce a legal document that a slave born among them has documentation, from a state registration office, that he or she is the first before Noble Drew Ali or Timothy Drew to bring Islam to the slaves in America and make them conscious of their Nationality and Birthrights.

Grand Sheik Timothy Dingle-El gave his life as a willing sacrifice to aid and assist members in the proclaiming of their free-national names, Bey or El, race-Asiatic, shade of skin-Olive, religion-Islamism.

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