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John Givens-El-Prophet Noble Drew Ali Reincarnated.

John Givens El

On July 20, 1929 at 9:50pm, Noble Drew Ali expired. At his bedside were Dr. Clarence Payne-El, Attorney Aaron Payne-El, his father in-law, Bro. Foreman-Bey, and the Prophet’s wife, Sis. Mary Drew Ali.

According to his death certificate filed by Dr. Payne-El, cause of death was “Tuberculosis Bronchi Pneumonia.” The body was placed in the Frank Edwards’ Undertaking Parlor, 4136 Michigan Ave. Funeral services were held on Friday, July 25, 1929 at 1:30pm in the Pythian Temple building, 37th Place and State Street. Representatives from offices all over the United States attended the Prophet’s last rites. The body was finally laid to rest in Burr Oak Cemetary – Acacia Lawn, Lott 44, Grave 7.

Two weeks after his death, a member of Chicago’s subordinate temple #1, Sheik John Givens El publicly announced that he was the “Reincarnate” Prophet Noble Drew Ali (August 7, 1929), at a meeting held at Pythian Hall, 3737 South State Street in Chicago.

John Givens El was a native of Sumpter, SC. He was born December 6, 1904. Upon coming of age Givens El travelled west, finally settling in Chicago, IL, May 14, 1925. Shortly thereafter he embraced the teachings of Noble Drew Ali and joined the Moorish Movement.

After a brief period in the temple, he was initiated into its Adept Chambers. He also became the chauffer-mechanic for the Prophet Noble Drew Ali. It was reported that one day while working on the Prophet’s automobile, shortly after his death, Givens-El fainted. When his eyes were examined: “He had the sign of the star and crescent in one eye and the circle seven in the other…right then, they knew that the Prophet had reincarnated into his chauffeur.”

During the 2nd Annual National Convention of the Moorish Science Temple of America, Givens-El would once again make his declaration of reincarnation. It was September 19, 1929. The Moorish convention was entering its final hours, lengthy discussions had been held concerning the Prophet’s last instructions. It was around this time that Givens-El entered the convention hall, walking straight to the platform, he seated himself in the “Vacant Chair” and declared, “I am back.” He then said, “I am Prophet Noble Drew Ali, Reincarnated and Prophet Noble Drew Ali, the Founder. We two are one in the same.” A silence fell over the convention hall.
However, when a vote was finally taken, two-thirds of the delegates voted Mealy-El in as Grand Sheik with C. Kirkman-Bey as his advisor (i.e. Grand Advisor). Nevertheless, by the end of September, a number of subordinate temples would begin to follow Givens-El, the Noble Drew Ali, Reincarnated.
- Excerpt from Muqarrabeen Files by Bro. R. Edwards-El T

Timothy Dingle El

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